Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can provide a service such as this for absolutely free?
A: Each forum contains an advertising banner that is located at the top of each free forum that is created. This single banner allows us to keep your forum up and running for free without charging you, the forum creator, any money.

Q: Are there any annoying pop-ups?
A: No, your forum will be clean from any pop-ups

Q: When signing up for a forum what will my board address be?
A: Your free forum will be accessed at this address, just replace �YourForum� with your forum name.

Q: Will you delete my board?
A: It would be deleted if you violate the Term of Services. It may also be deleted if there is no post from your members within 60 days and admin has never logged in into the admin panel within 30 days.

Q: I am still not clear, can I ask more questions?
A: Surely you can. Please visit the contact us page to contact us.